Have you noticed little bugs with wings  around the window of your living room or near the structure of your front door? Well, don’t sweep them under the rug! You probably are noticing swarming termites. As it begins to get warmer outside many homeowners notice these winged insects that many times can be confused for ants, however, swarming termites are coming to start a new colony and eat the wood of your home.

Flying Ants vs  Flying Termites

While speaking of these flying ants, many people confuse these insects with the swarmer termites.

Here are four simple ways that you can tell these species apart:

1. Ants have bent antennas and termites have straight
2. Ants are sectioned into three body parts while swarming termites have only two body parts
3. The abdomen of an ant is very thin while that of a termite is thick
4. As mentioned earlier, the wings of an aunt are not equal length while the wings of a swarmer termite are.

Where to Find Termite Swarms

Now that you know how to identify these insects, I will now tell you where to look for them. If you find these insects on the outside of your home or on trees around your home you may not be in much trouble. Because these swarmers cannot fly very well, they are often blown by the wind onto the exterior of your house or onto neighboring trees and plants. If you find these bugs in these locations, generally you will have no problem.

However, if you find a swarmer leaving from the structure of a window, door, porch columns, or any wood structure, then you should contact some pest service. Once inside these structures, swarmers have the ability to mate and begin reproducing working termites which will begin to cause damage to your home. Finding only a couple of swarmers inside your home may only be coincidence. However, if you begin seeing many, than more than likely this indicates that a colony has formed somewhere in or near your home. The quicker you take care of the problem, the less damage will be done to your home.

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