Take a look near your house. I bet there is construction going on within a few streets of your place. I know I have some going on. They have been digging up the streets and replacing sewer pipes on the lower east side of South Boston for the past several months now. The past few days the city has been breaking ground directly in front of my home to replace old pipes. Knowing that this is a recipe for a mice infestation I’ve placed a dozen secured bait stations around my property to kill off any potential rodents looking for a new home. Unlike me you probably don’t have extra RTU mice bait stations and poison laying around … which is why you should think about calling an exterminator BEFORE the mice come along. Although a pest control company will eventually solve your mice problem after they’ve been spotted in the house you’ll be able to sleep easier knowing they are never getting in! Call Johnny B’s to have him and his team do a thorough check of your perimeter and basement as well as behind stoves and sinks. We can help plug up holes and also bait the outside of your home to kill off rodents BEFORE they get in (and smell up the home after dying in a wall potentially).