When it comes to rodent pest control services you have plenty to choose from in Boston. However, if you begin to do your homework you’ll realize many companies don’t offer the service and education that you really need to control and eradicate your rodent pest problem. So, why choose Johnny B’s Pest Control to solve your mouse or rat problem?

Expertise – John and his team have many years experience in urban rodent control. They’ve service 1 unit homes to 200 unit properties. They are also the pest control company of choice of many housing authorities in the state of Massachusetts (where mice problems are big!).

Education – The Johnny B’s team takes quarterly classes to learn more about pest-proofing homes/buildings and also the habits of rodents in urban setting.

Service – Johnny B’s Pest Control doesn’t just come in your home and toss down a few glue boards and bait stations. While bait stations and glue boards can be helpful in eliminating a rodent problem that is just one element. Johnny B’s will inspect your entire property to discuss how rodents might be entering the building. They will also check for holes and gaps within your home so that they can be properly sealed.

Guarantee: Johnny B’s offers 6 month guarantees on all of their work. That means that if you continue to have a rodent problem after their initial service they will come back free of charge until it is solved! We don’t take your money and then ignore you. Trust us – we would be happy to provide referrals!

Cost: Check around and then call Johnny B’s. We might not always be the cheapest but for the service you get you will be hard pressed to find any company that can match us!