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Imagine you’re a child in class trying to learn from the teacher, and all of a sudden you realize bed bugs are crawling all over you! Well that was just the case for students at Savoy Elementary school in Washington D.C. The Washington Post reported initially on the health emergency on February 1st and since the problem still remained, they reported again on February 6th. The health emergency was brought to light when an outraged father of a student at Savory elementary contacted WTTG Channel 5 news. The news channel ran a story with interviews from the family, and numerous photos of the bed bug bites the student had received. Can you imagine you or your child having to deal with bed bugs in class for another week, even after the story broke on the news?

The bed bug problem was so severe at Savory Elementary numerous teachers organized a Sick-out day that Friday. A Sick-out is where all the students called in sick so not to have to face being attacked by the bed bug infestation at their school. City authorities held a meeting with Savory parents that weekend, and by Monday a sign was placed on the front of the Savory school door that read “Savoy Elementary School Families: Dept. of Health (DOH) has advisers available to conduct bed bug consultations. Please visit the main office to sign-up for a consultation.” Savory student were no long able to attend Savory, and were told to attend Ferebee Hope Elementary school about a 10 minute drive from Savory elementary. The hundreds students displaced from the bed bug infestation at Savory were given free meals from Barry Farms Recreation Center to help them cope, but were still required to make use of free transportation to and from Ferebee Hope Elementary. The bed bug issue in D.C. highlighted in this article by the Washington Post shows how a pest can really negatively impact a whole community. It also brings to light the importance of proper pest control, and what effects it can have on a community as a whole.

Nationally pest numbers are on the rise, and this includes bed bugs! Don’t let you or your family become victims of bed bugs make sure you’re protected today! Contact Johnny B Pest Control today for Bed Bug removal and all your pest control needs!

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