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Bed Bugs are gross and horrible pest to have to deal with, so finding one in your home or business can make most people panic. The majority of people when they find a bed bug on their property want to know if there are more around, and who could blame them this is a serious pest problem. In this article we will be telling you some of the signs pest control specialists look for when examining your house for a bed bug infestation.

One of the most important factors when you find a beg bug on your property is the location that you find the bed bug.  Bed bugs require a location in which they have a constant food source aka people to feed off of, and also must require a sexually active female to breed into a large population. Simply finding one bed bug in a public area is not a cause for concern, but finding a bed bug in your home can be a different story. Once you call a pest expert to your home to check for bed bugs they will check common bed bug hang outs, such a bed skirts for signs of bed bugs. One method for detecting just how much bed bugs are in an infected area is through a monitoring program using interceptors. The interceptors are placed on corners of a room by furniture legs which gauge the severity of the bed bug infestation. In most residential bed bug cases the homes were infected by a piece of luggage, a sleeping bag, article of clothing, or furniture. If you would like to learn more about how to protect your home from bed bugs, or any other information on bed bugs visit us Click Here

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