We have all seen the show Hoarders, or have seen just how daunting the task of dealing with a hoarder’s home can be. Dealing with a hoarder from a pest management stance is also a very complicated task. If you count out all of the physical challenges for a pest control professional to deal with when helping a hoarder such as falling debris, or crossing mounds of trash, or even sharp objects sticking them as they work, they still must deal with the mental issue of the hoarder. The pest control professional needs to explain to the resident how living in a state like this makes your home the ideal place for pests to live in. Chris Morton a pest control exterminator in New York had this to say about the issue “The pests I generally find in these homes are German cockroaches, bed bugs, brown recluse spiders and fleas, and honestly, since these pests hide in clutter, you’re basically just taking the customer’s money if they don’t get rid of any of that junk before you treat.” This shows you a prime example how this is no normal clean up, or pest control task when dealing with a hoarder.

One of the most successful approaches to dealing with hoarding is educating people on the dangers of hoarding from the start. Family members who might suspect someone in their family is dealing with hoarding should help them get the help they need, before the problem becomes too much for them. One of these education tools is teaching people who might be hoarders about particular pests species they may encounter, such as bed bugs the most common pest of hoarders. A bed bug infestation can cause infections in people from their bites, and even make people go into anaphylactic shock from bites. In the case of hoarders the side effects of bed bugs is generally much worse because their populations are much larger generally in a hoarders house. Don’t let someone you know live in such horrible conditions get them the help they need!

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