America has had rats since people started coming to this country from overseas, but not many people see where they dwell. In Boston located in the Boston Common area there is a tree swarming with rats living at its base. The tree is such a heaven for rats because of its extremely large, and knotty root system creating lots of corridors and pockets for the rats to live in. In the Boston Common’s many of these trees are homes to much of the cities rat population during the day. The rats return to these root burrows at the end of every night as they have for decades.

Rodentologist Bobby Corrigan from Boston takes you on a tour of the “Rattiest Tree in America” found in the Boston Commons in the video linked below. He explains the structure and history behind this tree, and just how the rats are using it today. Bobby Corrigan explains how these rats fight for the best burrows within the tree, and even create escape routes for quick escapes when trouble is around. The tree also acts as heater to warm the rats living within during the winter months essential to their survival in Boston winters.

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