Invasive species have been coming to the United States as long as humans have, and when not kept in check can become huge problems. The problems are not only for home or property owners these species can have huge environmental effects as well. In this article we will be discussing some of the 7 most common invasive pest species you are most likely to encounter in the United States.

  1. The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug – These invasive species arrived from Asia around the early 1990’s and have spread rapidly throughout the United States. These Stink bugs pose big threats to agriculture, and have been reported to invade homes in large numbers. As the name implies they emit a very horrible smelling odor as a defense mechanism.
  2. The Red Imported Fire Ant – Most common in the southern parts of the United States, these ants pack a powerful punch. These ants get their names from there color along with their powerful sting. Red Imported Fire Ants should be avoided at all cost because of their aggressive nature and powerful sting.
  3. Formosan Termites – These aggressive invasive termites also originally came from Asia. The Formosan termite is extremely hard to control because of their aggressive nature, and there colonies cause severe structural damage to any wood they inhabit.
  4. Norway Rats – The Norway Rats like three of our past invasive pest species are also of Asian origin. This species of rat is so prevalent that it inhabits the entire world currently. The Norway Rat not only causes damage to property, they also are serious vectors for spreading serious diseases.
  5. Africanized Bees aka “Killer Bees” – Like the other invasive species on our list these bees are highly aggressive, and will chase people up to a quarter mile in defense of their hives. These Africanized bees can kill humans or animals alike. This is not because there venom is stronger than that of a normal honey, but because of their aggressive nature.
  6. European Starlings – These birds were intentionally introduced in the east coast over a hundred years ago by Shakespearean enthusiasts. The bird was mentioned in the playwright’s book, and this encouraged people to introduce them into the United States. The European Starlings did too well though, and are now spread across the entire country. The birds negative effects include out-competing native birds, along with their droppings cause significant structural damage to properties across the United States. The bird’s droppings are also very dangerous to humans and other animals, because these are areas with extreme amounts of fungal and bacterial growth which can lead to diseases.
  7. Asian Tiger Mosquitoes – The Invasive mosquito species is found in all of the United States, but is most common in the southern regions. The Asian Tiger Mosquito like all other mosquitoes is capable of transmitting such diseases like West Nile Virus, Zika, dengue fever and more. The biggest difference between the Asian Tiger, and its common native mosquito counter part is that they feed during the daylight hours putting humans at a even greater risk.

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