Bed Bugs are horrible pest to have to deal with not only is it an extreme hassle it’s disgusting! In this article we will explain to you three different areas about bed bugs to help you better understand them, and in turn protect yourself from them in the future.

The first area about bed bugs we are going to talk about bed bugs is their behavior. Bed bugs are good at traveling, and hitchhiking on their hosts to new locations. Hitchhiking is the main way that bed bugs get into new locations, and start new infestations. Bed bugs are also nocturnal pests so you might not notice them during the daylight hours, and they are usually very well hidden. They have been known to hide behind baseboard, cracks, and crevices in any area around the home. Bed bugs while being nocturnal creatures are also opportunistic feeders, and will feed whenever possible. The average blood meal for a bed bug last between 5-10 minutes, then they will retreat to a hidden area to digest before feeding again. In the time between feeding it may be as long as 10 days the bed bugs will congregate and often mate, digest, and lay eggs.

The Habitat of bed bugs is not only the bed as most people think, they can be any area in which humans have been. The fact that bed bugs are so good at hitch hiking makes them a possibility almost anywhere. The most common problem areas for bed bugs include the bed, nightstands, baseboards, headboards, wallpaper, upholstery, and furniture.

So now you might be wondering who’s at risk to bed bugs? Bed bugs can affect anyone or any species that is a warm blooded mammal. Bed bugs do not discriminate they will feed on whatever they can and are drawn in by the carbon dioxide emission from the potential host.

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