Bed bugs are a huge hassle to deal with for anyone who has them around no matter where you are. The people at Pest World and Johnny B’s Pest Control want you to understand the biology of bed bugs so that you can better protect your family, or business from these dreaded pests! Here are five biological traits of bed bugs that you can use to help you with understanding bed bugs.

Color – The color of bed bugs varies from a mahogany color to a rusty brown color. While the engorged bed bugs appear red-brown after feeding on blood for a long time. When a bed bug hatches they are almost colorless, and become darker as they mature.

Legs – Bed bugs have six legs unlike other species of insects, and this can be helpful in identifying an unknown pest to determine if tis a bed bug.

Shape – The shaped of a bedbug is flat and oval when unfed, but while they are engorged they are just much more swollen and elongated.

Size – An adult bed bug is about ¼ of an inch long while the baby nymphs are 1.3mm to 4-5mm.

Feeding – Bed bugs are drawn in by the carbon dioxide emitted by their mammalian hosts. They are opportunistic insects and will feed whenever it’s the best time regardless if it’s night or day. Bed bugs have a special chemical in there salvia that helps the blood flow more freely into them allowing them to feed more efficiently.

Bed bugs are disgusting and gross as you can tell from just these basic biological traits, and if not dealt with properly they are a huge problem. If you or someone you know is dealing with bed bugs, or any other pests in the greater Boston area call Johnny B’s Pest Control today! Our dedicated team at Johnny B’s can handle any pest problem you or your business might have. Call us today and see just how Johnny B’s Pest Control can help you!




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