There are a lot of flying insects on the planet, and some are better fliers than others. For example, bees are great fliers, but not flying termites so much. So what about flying ants, you ask? You may have seen an ant flying before, but did not believe your eyes? Well, you can believe your eyes because flying ants do exist, and they look just like you would imagine.

In case you thought that flying ants were intimidating—they are not. The most frightening thing that flying ants can do is fly together in an enormous swarm. This is what they do when they search for a mate every year. However, they certainly won’t harm a human being in the process. Flying ants are just as dangerous as crawling ants, so if you are not afraid of crawling ants, then you don’t need to worry about flying ones. It is unlikely that a flying ant would bite you, unless you ran into a flying ant swarm.

You may wonder why you do not see flying ants all of the time. One reason why you don’t see flying ants very often is because all of the males die shortly after mating. After the males die the fertilized female will fly around looking for a safe area to nest. Different flying ants have different preferences about what materials would make a good nest. For example, some flying ants choose to nest on decaying and damp wood while others prefer to nest within the cracks of sidewalks. It must be remembered that flying ant females that are searching for a nest may choose your home. That is why seeing a flying ant within your home is a bad sign. If you happened to see a flying ant in your home, then contact your pest management services quickly.

Have you ever seen a flying ant swarm? If you have, then what time of year did you see the swarm?

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