Patrons from the Cinemark 16 in Gulfport Mississippi recently reported to being repeatedly bitten by bedbugs during a movie at the multiplex. Bed bugs can ruin anyone’s time let alone when you’re supposed to be relaxing at a movie theater. Miranda Rester found that out first hand when she went to see a screening of a movie at the multiplex.

Miranda Rester had this to say about the issue she experienced “As I’m watching the movie I kept itching real bad,” she went on further to say “I started to realize I had big (welts) all over my shoulders and legs. … After the movie was over I went into the restroom to look in the mirror and I was covered in bite marks!” Rester also posted photos online of what she alleged were bite marks from bed bugs. A manager from the theater company told her that it might be due to a allergic reaction to the cleaning supplies they use in the theater, and gave her some free movie passes.

The problem here is that after seeing Miranda’s post about being bitten by bed bugs another woman decided to share her experience as well. She had a very similar experience to Miranda, and even called the Mississippi Health Department to report the violation. The Mississippi Health Department said they had received a complaint already from May 1st. The theater company could not be reached for a comment about the issue.

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