The city of New York City Council is now facing the issue of a bed bug infestation in their neighborhoods. The infestations of bed bugs are particularly bad in the one and two family row homes in New York. The problem here with these bed bug infestations and New York’s high population density bed bug problems can get out of hand fast if not kept in check. One resident Sara Rivera had this to say about the issue “”They are pretty hard to get rid of, So if they can get rid of them faster whenever they find out they have them, that would be really great.” You can tell just from her comments she knows first-hand how annoying bed bugs can be.

City Councilman Rafael Espinal said “Bedbugs are able to travel through the walls from one homeowner’s home to the other, and homeowners don’t know their neighbors have a problem.” All of these factors add to the important of a proper bed bug treatment plan. If something is not done in the city of New York they will have a much worse bed bug problem to deal with.

Espinal went on to say “We have to arm the city, and all New Yorkers, with this information so they can take it upon themselves in order to figure out a way to to eradicate this problem,” If this issue is not dealt with properly and New York city does become more infected with bed bugs this will in turn have ramifications on other areas where these bed bug travel to.

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