We all know from time to time rodents can be aggressive to humans, but we don’t really ever think of them as a threat to our safety. One Chicago resident found out that’s not the case the hard way on one early Wednesday morning. A man named Howard Brookins Jr last year was one of the first city officials to bring to light about the growing rodent problem in Chicago. When a few weeks later he was out riding his bike, and he was attacked by a squirrel.

Ald. Howard Brookins bike he was riding after being charged by a squirrel had the squirrel become lodged into his bikes spoke. The obstruction caused Brookins to fly face first over his handle bars onto the concrete. He suffered a broken nose and many lost teeth, and is still undergoing treatment from the accident. Since the accident Brookins is even more committed to solving the cities rodent problem, and has been advocating for numerous prevention plans.


Ald. Howard Brookins

The city of Chicago is still looking for a solution to the rodent problem with multiple proposals to review before one is placed into action. One cannot help but think how this might have all been avoided with the proper pest control practices in place to protect the people of Chicago from problems like this from happening in the first place. It is always better to spend money preventing a pest problem then have to pay a huge amount to remove a large infestation later.

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