Bed bugs can make you feel uncomfortable in your own home and are downright disgusting! Follow these simple tips to keep your home or business bed bug free! Here at Johnny B’s Pest we are always trying to keep your home bed bug and pest free. If you ever have any pest problem you cannot handle don’t hesitate to contact Johnny B’s today! Follow these simple bed bug tips to keep your home and business better protected this bed bug season!

  1. Wash Secondhand Clothing – Whenever you receive or buy second hand clothing always make sure to wash the clothing before wearing it so you don’t bring bed bugs into your home.
  2. Inspect Bedding- It’s important to regularly check your bedding or linens for bed bug signs. If you have bed bugs you will find fecal matter shed skin or even blood spots all which indicated a bed bug infestation!
  3. Buy a Mattress Cover – It’s never a bad idea to have a good mattress cover not only for comfort but makes it easier to check your mattress, and has less places for bed bugs to hide.
  4. Vacuum Regularly – It’s important to keep a clean house for all pests especially bed bugs. If you Vacuum your house regularly it will be much harder to not notice bed bugs or for them to establish themselves.
  5. No Secondhand Furniture – this is one of the main ways in which people bed bugs into their homes. If you have to buy it make sure that you inspect property or even have it cleaned by a professional before you bring it into your home.

If you or someone you know is dealing with bed bugs or any other pests contact Johnny B’s Pest Control today and let us take it from there. At Johnny B’s we have been eliminating pest in the greater Boston area for 30 years! See why so many in the greater Boston area choose Johnny B’s Pest Control when they need pest help!




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