Does Your Coffee-Maker Contain Cockroaches?Cockroach Control Boston

Nobody wants to be troubled by cockroaches first thing in the morning. At the very least it would be nice to enjoy a cup of coffee before tackling the day’s challenges, cockroaches included. However, many people from all over the globe are experiencing an interesting and highly unpleasant problem. Imagine you woke up one morning to find a family of cockroaches dwelling within your coffee maker. Some people don’t have to imagine this, as some people have experienced this scenario first hand.

People from all over the world have been posting comments online about their disgust with finding roaches in their coffeemakers. However, it is no small wonder as to why cockroaches gravitate towards coffee makers. In order for cockroaches to survive they need to find a dark, moist and nutrient rich environment, and coffee makers offer roaches this exact type of environment. So it seems that coffee makers are ideal living quarters for cockroaches.

The problem with roaches in coffee makers has become so bad that even a Starbucks in Atlanta was closed for inadvertently serving roach-coffee to customers. Some experts recommend killing these roaches with boric acid, but you want to make sure not to get even a little bit mixed with your coffee. Other methods of getting rid of these coffee-roaches include shining bright lights into the coffee machine until the roaches relocate. Some people even swear by Vaseline traps as being great at getting rid of unwanted roaches living within your coffee machine. One company that manufactures coffee makers has said that simply taking your coffee maker apart and cleaning each piece individually should make your coffee maker safe for use. However, as you are cleaning you will want to be sure to keep on the lookout for roach eggs. So the next time you go to make coffee in the morning, be sure to check your coffee maker for roaches.

Have you ever found any insects in your coffee maker?