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A Family was staying in a Kentucky hotel on a trip from Georgia to visit a sick relative when they were attacked by bed bugs. Lisa said her and her husband were awakened in the night from the feeling of bites. She immediately took out her phone and examined the bed for bugs, and found bed bugs crawling all over their hotel bed. The next morning, she showed the video, and her husband’s bites to the hotel manager and he informed them they would not be getting their money back.

The hotel manager said he isn’t aware of any bed bug infestations going on in the hotel and he was gone, and another employee was in charge when the health department started investigating. Once the health department arrived, and conducted a check of all the rooms on the hotels premise they found that 18 rooms were being quarantined for bed bugs.

The horrible thing that happen to this family could easily happen to you if you’re not aware, and use only clean a reputable hotel. If you have to stay somewhere you’re not sure of preform a bed bug check before bed. We have a blog on just how to check for bed bugs read all about how to detect them in your home there.

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