Here at Johnny B’s Pest Control were all about protecting your home or business from pests. That is why if you ever are dealing with a pest problem in the greater Boston area like rodents contact Johnny B’s now! We have created this list of tips to help better protect you or your business from rodents this summer. Rodents are one of the most common pest problems that everyone around the world has to deal with. Follow these simple tips to help better protect yourself from rodents, but remember if you have a rodent infestation to contact a professional like Johnny B’s Pest Control now!

  1. Seal The Deal – Make sure to seal all cracks and holes on the outside of the home, make sure to give special attention to areas where utility pipes enter the home. Rodents often follow electrical or piping into the home to gain access.
  2. Store Firewood – Make sure that all wood or raw materials us stored at least 20 feet from the foundation of your home. If possible, it is also a good idea to have it stored at least 2 feet off the ground too. These factors will all make it inaccessible for pests to get into your woodpile and therefore putting your property at a greater risk.
  3. Fix Loose Mortar and Weather Stripping – Make sure that you have fixed all loose or damaged mortar or weather stripping as these are ways in which rodents can enter your home. If you fix these damaged areas it will make it much harder for pests like rodents to get into the home.
  4. Keep Basements/Attics Clean – this may seem obvious to some people but keeping your basement or attic clean and not cluttered greatly reduces your risk of pests especially rodents. If the area is clean and well-kept you’ll be able to tell if any pets are present, opposed to if its dirty you might not be able to.
  5. Store Food Correctly – This is the one that gets most people into trouble! Make sure that your store your food in safe containers that cannot be broken into. Rodents and other pests chew threw cheap containers and will have a constant food source allowing them to start colonies on your property. So be sure to get good strong containers when storing food or other items around your property.

If you or someone you know is dealing with pests contact Johnny B’s Pest Control today and let us take it from there. At Johnny B’s we have been eliminating pest in the greater Boston area for 30 years! See why so many in the greater Boston area choose Johnny B’s Pest Control when they need pest help!




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