Here at Johnny B’s Pest Control were all about protecting your home or business from pests. That is why if you ever are dealing with a pest problem in the greater Boston area like bed bugs contact Johnny B’s now! We crated this blog to help our customers have a pest free picnic this summer. So, follow these 4 Tips For A Pest Free Picnic to have a great summer picnic that’s pest free!

  1. Prep The Area – Make sure before you have the Picnic you check out the area and see what kinds of pests you might have to deal with, and plan accordingly. You want to know if you’re going to have to deal with pests like ants or mosquitoes or even flies and ticks! So, check out the area and make sure your prepared.
  2. Protect The Food – Make sure that you bring proper containers to store food that you bring to your picnic. Pests will often leave you alone if there is nothing they can eat from your picnic so this is essential!
  3. Keep It Clean – Make sure that you are proactive and keep the are clean as I mentioned in the step before if pests find food they will call in reinforcements. So be proactive and clean up all food and drink spills as soon as possible!
  4. Set Up Good Defense – Be prepared with bug repellent if you’re in an area with a lot of insects, the repellents come in a variety of forms including: aerosol sprays, candles, and torches. If you need more help with your pest problems contact a professional like Johnny B’s Pest Control and let us handle it!

If you or someone you know is dealing with pests contact Johnny B’s Pest Control today and let us take it from there. At Johnny B’s we have been eliminating pest in the greater Boston area for 30 years! See why so many in the greater Boston area choose Johnny B’s Pest Control when they need pest help!




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