Monster Bug Bite Is a Medical MysteryPest Control Boston

You have probably been bitten by a bug once or twice and not known exactly which insect was the culprit. But one man received one nasty bug bite that is still baffling the medical community. Thomas Jay from Arizona got what he thought was a simple bug bite while taking out the trash one day. Unfortunately, that simple bite turned into a painful injury covering his entire arm, and doctors are still unable to figure out which insect might have bitten him.

Thomas Jay noticed a big bite on his arm after taking out his trash earlier in the month. He initially felt a painful pinch or sting on his arm, after which he simply swatted the bug away. At first the bite looked like just a small red circle. However, within hours the bite then began to spread out farther, causing mysterious horrible bruising all over his arm, which ended up looking like it could have been run over by an 18-wheeler a few times. When he went to an urgent care center to have physicians check it out, they were all baffled by it, unable to distinguish what bug bit him. Even after going to two hospitals, he found no one that could diagnose the insect bite.

His wife, Dee Petrov, believes it was caused by a type of spider called a solifuge, but is not entirely sure, and no doctors have been able to provide any answers. She posted pictures on social media to see if anyone online could help solve this mystery, but hasn’t found any answers yet. Jay and his wife are continuing to take him to different doctors in an effort to discover the culprit and heal the painful symptoms that are still affecting his arm. While they are currently seeking further medical help to deal with the current issues Jay is having with his injured arm, they hope that there are no long-term affects that have yet to pop up. The couple hopes that they will ultimately get to the bottom of this mystery, if only to help future individuals unlucky enough to be bitten by this mystery bug.

Who knew there were still bug bites that couldn’t be diagnosed? I’d keep your hands and feet out of dark corners if I were you.

Have you ever gotten a bug bite that you had to go to the hospital to treat? Did doctors discover what bug did the biting, or have you also experienced the affects of a mysterious bug bite?