We have all heard of, and likely admire, dog rescuers. These are people who devote their time to finding food and clean conditions for dogs that are lost or unwanted. There are several other animals that are professionally rescued from time to time. In fact, there is even such a thing as horse rescuers. However, this is not as surprising as the existence of insect rescue workers. After all, who would want to rescue insects? There are enough people just trying to get rid of them. To be more specific, it is not just any insects that are being rescued; instead a few people have chosen to become professional bee-rescue workers.

A man by the name of Jim Gehlsen was a professional housing contractor, and he enjoyed beekeeping as a hobby. Due to Jim’s experience in construction as well as beekeeping, he decided to enter the unknown profession of bee rescue work. Sometimes beekeepers will remove beehives from peoples’ property, but Jim is able to remove bees from the smallest nooks and crannies of a person’s house.

Recently Jim was called to a rental property where the owner believed bees were living, only the owner did not know where. Jim quickly spotted the bees, and at the owner’s request, had the bees safely removed. However, this was not an easy job, as Jim claims that the bees became scared and aggressive once Jim approached the beehive located on the side of the house. In order to remove the beehive Jim was forced to detach parts of the house. Once Jim located the honeycomb, he placed it in a special box that beekeepers use to store hives. Then Jim proceeded to reinstall the sighting and gutter. Jim left the box at the home overnight, and the next day he had all the bees trapped within the box. The property owner was then free of his bee-related problems, while Jim made his usual five hundred dollars. For an added benefit Jim also gets to keep the bees.

Do you think that there is enough demand for bee-rescue professionals? Or would most people remain apathetic about the bees wellbeing?


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