Yes, Leaving a Door Open Can Be the Reason You Have Mice

It is that simple. It really is. I have witnessed it on many occasions. It happened at my own house recently. I was playing with my son in the yard and left the garage door open as well as the side door to enter the home which is located in the garage. As were walking back into the house a mouse zoomed by us and right thru the door. Pretty stupid of me considering I am the owner of a pest control company. However, I think it is a story worth sharing because people don’t realize just keeping a door open for a few minutes can lead to rodent activity.
What other ways can mice get into your home? Do you leave basement windows open (that don’t have screens). Do you keep your garage door open a lot? Do you have gaps under your door? Do you have an old stone foundation that is crumbling in spots? Do you have piping or wiring that goes into your home that has gaps around them? These are all ways mice can enter a home. And, also an open door.

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