Simply seeing a roach scurrying across the floor is enough to make me scream in terror. So I cannot imagine how a person could remain calm after discovering that a roach had made a home within someone’s head. However, a rather well-known triathlete, Sophie Corbidge, is a pretty tough individual. So when she woke up at night to what seemed like movement within her inner ear, she notified her friends. After her friends glanced into Corbidge’s ear, they found a cockroach that was alive and well. This is likely the worst living organism to find within one’s inner ear.


In an effort to remove the unwanted cockroach, Corbidge’s friends used a sharp hairpin hoping that they would be able to successfully excavate the creepy-crawly from Corbidge’s inner ear. Eventually, they all gave up on the hairpin, which is probably good since the pin sounded like a great way of making a terrible situation into a nightmare. Apparently, Corbidge and her friends were making every effort to avoid the doctor’s office as they quickly made use of another household item to remove the roach from her inner ear. The resourceful group of friend’s used a vacuum cleaner to suck the roach out of Corbidge’s inner ear. Not surprisingly, the vacuum also failed to remove the uncomfortable cockroach. Eventually, Corbidge’s friends took her to the doctor so that the insect could be removed professionally, and with the proper tools.

The doctor initially used a plunging device that resembled a squirtgun. However, the doctor was surprised to find that his water-dispensing tool was not sufficient for the removal of this stubborn insect pest. Corbidge was beginning to feel uneasy, as the roach had been causing constant sharp pains in her head.

Unfortunately, at the expense of Corbidge’s comfort, the live-in roach enjoyed an extended stay in her ear. Eventually, an ear specialist became available. However, as this situation took place late at night, Corbidge was forced to return home to sleep before the specialist became available the next day. It goes without saying that Corbidge had a difficult time sleeping, but luckily, the doctor poured a type of oil into Corbidge’s ear in order to kill the roach.

The specialist possessed the tools necessary to remove the roach from Corbidge’s inner ear, but she was admittedly a bit freaked out by bugs. After hearing about the specialist’s fear of bugs, an entirely new level of stress was added to Corbidge’s concerns. As the specialist was sticking her long, sharp and cold steel instruments into Corbidge’s ear, the specialist’s fear of roaches was palpable to the nervous Corbidge. Luckily, the specialist successfully removed the cockroach from the triathlete’s inner ear. Once the roach was removed from her inner ear, the specialist asked Corbidge if she wanted a souvenir, so Corbidge is still in possession of the formerly pesky roach to this day.

Roaches are among the most filthy of insects due to the uncleanliness of their natural environments. So if you found a cockroach within your inner ear, would you worry about the cockroach bringing bacteria into your ear, which could make you sick?

If a friend of yours discovered a roach or other insect located deep within his/her inner ear, would you attempt to remove it yourself before you notified medical professionals?


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