The world is full of people that do not like their jobs. Sometimes you have a rude and demanding boss, or you may have been involved with a silly social conflict in the workplace. Working in an office can be a nightmare. This is especially true for caseworkers. Caseworkers are tasked with determining if an individual or family is eligible for government based financial assistance. As you can imagine, some people become angry when they are denied financial assistance from the government. Unfortunately, this anger is usually vented on the government employed caseworkers. Of course, caseworkers are simply following government rules, and their decisions are never personal, but some clients do not see it that way. It is not surprising to learn that sometimes being a caseworker can be dangerous. For example, last June a caseworker from the Augusta City Center in Augusta, Maine was confronted by a belligerent individual who slammed a cup full of bedbugs on her desk.


A seventy four year old man by the name of Charles Manning walked into the Augusta City Center on June 2nd of 2017 seeking general government based financial assistance.

Once Manning was told that he did not qualify for general assistance he did not take it well. Manning responded by immediately slamming a cup full of bedbugs onto his caseworker’s desk. Around one hundred bedbugs were let loose within the government building.


Manning had already visited the caseworker earlier in the day to complain about bedbugs in his home. Manning’s home was being treated with insecticides but Manning wanted the government to find him a new place to live. Manning was told by the caseworker that he possessed a sufficient amount of his own income. According to the police, Manning wanted his caseworker to experience the horror of bedbugs for herself in retaliation for being denied assistance. The building had to be closed for the weekend in order for pest control professionals to eradicate the bedbugs. The building reopened Monday morning. Police charged Manning with misdemeanor assault and obstruction of government administration. These charges come with a maximum of two years in jail and a two thousand dollar fine.


Do you think that attacking a person with bedbugs, and causing a bedbug infestation in a government building warrants a more serious charge than simple assault?


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