When it comes to bugs, bedbugs may be the most talked about. Not a single day can go by without hearing news relating to bedbugs. There is no doubt that populations of these nasty tiny critters are increasing here in the United States, and probably the rest of the world. Not long ago, bedbugs were being found if libraries around the US. Why libraries? The most likely reason has to do with the high amount of human traffic in public libraries. But now several news stories in the media are reporting about bedbugs being found within buildings on college campuses. A student at Vanderbilt University recently experienced a bedbug attack in his own dorm room. And students at Virginia Commonwealth University have reported bedbug sightings at the university’s library.

Apparently more than one student had received bedbug bites while at the university library. The first case was reported to the administration nearly a month ago. But now that a second case has been reported, university officials are starting to fear a large bedbug infestation on campus. The first reported case involved a girl who found bedbug bites on her arm while sitting on a chair that is located on the library’s second floor. The second case occurred a little more than two weeks later. Since then bedbug sniffing dogs have been brought in to locate the infestation. A few chairs were eventually disposed of. According to university officials, bedbug infestations are common in university buildings, but students are displeased, as this incident occurred during finals week. Now students are too afraid to study at the university library.

It has been confirmed that bedbugs have been found in at least one dormitory at Vanderbilt University. However, multiple students within the dormitory have been relocated due to bedbug related issues. The university is following a bedbug-removal protocol but officials have not responded to any further questions relating to bedbug infestations.


Do you think that there is anything that can be done to prevent bedbugs from infesting heavily populated areas?


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