It seems that bed bug infestations are always occuring in the most inconvenient of locations. In just the past month bed bugs have been found on airline flights and within hospitals. Just a few days ago a bed bug infestation was spotted in an emergency medical clinic in California. The infestation was found within the emergency department at Kaweah Delta Medical Center. Luckily, hospital officials are confident that the bed bug infestation was eradicated within a short time after the infestation was reported. In the state of Washington a bed bug infestation was located at a Salvation Army Homeless shelter. The infestation has forced the entire staff as well as all of the shelter’s inhabitants to vacate the whole building. To make this matter more serious, the homeless inhabitants were forced onto the streets during a harsh winter storm.


In the city of Bremerton, Washington sixty homeless inhabitants of a Salvation Army shelter were forced out into freezing cold and stormy conditions as a result of a bed bug infestation within the shelter. Several members of the Salvation army staff, most of whom are volunteers, remained in the area after the shelter was vacated in order to provide the former homeless inhabitants with tarps and blankets. As a result of the infestation, a tent city quickly took form around the shelter.


Luckily, officials with the Salvation Army have reopened the shelter after speedy bed bug eradication efforts were undertaken. This is the first time in the two years of this shelter’s existence that a bed bug infestation was found. The staff working at the shelter were not sure how to proceed after the infestation was reported. This was due to the lack of a contingency plan that existed for these situations. The shelter housed a few individuals that required medical attention regularly. The shelter staff, along with the city’s mayor, arranged for the medically compromised guests to stay within hotels until the infestation had become eradicated. Luckily, many residents of the city pitched-in to supply the displaced guests with food and clothing items during the fumigation.


Do you think that bed bug infestations will become frequent enough to cause regular hospital evacuations at some point in the future?


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