You wouldn’t think in our modern society that you would ever hear of someone actually being eaten alive by bugs. That’s medieval stuff…right? Well, it would seem some members of society are a little behind on the evolution scale and unwittingly sit by while medieval torture methods are practiced on their own children. I mean, I’ve heard of bad parenting, but this really does take the cake. If you can’t keep your child from being eaten by such creatures as ants, then you are definitely not fit to be a parent. Here are some examples of how not to take care of your wee ones.


One 18-month-old little girl named Luna Estefania died in horrible pain as she was eaten alive by ants after her vile mother had been virtually ignoring her. The mother, one Mariana Lizeth Salas Hernandez, often neglected the toddler, going so far as to not feed her for days and days at a time. A neighbor noticed the abuse of the child and called in the police and childcare officials. It appeared that the toddler first fell to the ground because her mother wasn’t watching her properly. When childcare workers found the child she was lying paralyzed on the ground covered in ants and unable to move or escape due to a previous fall that seemed to have paralyzed her. Unfortunately, by the time they found her, it was too late, and Luna’s life could not be saved.


This next story is even sadder, although it does have a happy ending. Citizens in China found a newborn baby wrapped in a paper bag on the side of the road. The child’s naked body was completely covered in ants that were eating the poor baby alive. When found the infant was screaming in agony as the ants covering her body bite her relentlessly, causing many red, itchy rashes from the stinging bites. The entire discovery was even filmed on one of the pedestrian’s mobile phone and given to authorities as well as posted on the Internet. Thankfully, the people wiped away all the ants when they found her and took the baby to a nearby hospital. Doctors were able to treat and save the newborn so he/she can go on to now have a phobia about ants. Officials are looking for the mother of the child.


Have you ever seen someone covered in ants? What was the experience like, and how does it make you feel about children being literally eaten alive by them?


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