Not long ago researchers in Germany discovered that insect populations in certain regions were decreasing dramatically. Some insects were even approaching extinction. Since insects are important to the world’s ecosystems, this dramatic decrease in insect life caused great concern among experts. This German study was the most detailed and longest running study concerning wild insect populations. Other countries around the world have not been checking up on their native insect populations as thoroughly as the Germans have. Despite this, many countries around the world are citing several small-scale studies to suggest that the dropping insect population is not just a problem in Germany; instead the loss of insect life is a global phenomenon. Now researchers have confirmed that insect life is becoming less numerous in Australia as well. This makes Australia the second country to scientifically confirm an unmistakable decrease in insect life.


Much like their German counterparts, Australian researchers have confirmed a drop in insect population numbers, but they cannot determine a cause for this decrease. The drop in insect activity is not recognized solely by scientists. Many people in Australia have taken note of the sharp decrease in insect life in the country. According to Jack Hasenpusch, a multitude of different insect swarms are common in Australia at this time of year, but he has yet to spot a single one. This is somewhat alarming considering the fact that Hasenpusch owns his own insect farm, and he would definitely know if insects were becoming more scarce. Hasenpusch blames the decrease in insect life on a lack of rainfall in Australia during previous months and years.


Surprisingly, even The Australian Butterfly Sanctuary in Kuranda is having trouble breeding certain insects. For more than two years, officials with the sanctuary have struggled to make Ulysses butterflies breed and produce healthy offspring. Officials have closely analyzed the bodies of the many caterpillars that failed to survive, and they still cannot figure out why they are dying-off so quickly. Australian scientists and environmentalists are hoping that the insect population in the country will rebound, but they are not holding their breaths.


Do you think that every country on earth is currently seeing a decrease in insect life? Do you think that this is happening in America?


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