I don’t think I’m reaching when I say that people in general are not that fond of spiders. This makes mating season that comes in the spring a rather difficult time for people, as they simply can’t escape these unrestrained, hormone driven spiders even by retreating into their home. That’s exactly where a lot of these spiders are going to find a mate and stay out of the cold. Whether there are actually more spiders hanging out in people’s homes or more of them are being aggressive and biting people, the number of people that have had to go to the hospital to treat a spider bite has doubled this year. So what is causing this increase?


Scientists speculate that part of the blame goes to the increasingly milder winters we’ve been having the last few years, which means not as many of these critters are being killed off by the cold, leaving more to invade our homes. One of the biggest reasons people even need to go to the hospital because of a spider bite is that more people are having allergic reactions to these spiders bites, which increases the danger of the bite doing real damage. One young man, Jordan Rassas, suffered an allergic reaction to a spider bite from a false widow spider that left him vomiting blood. His infection became so bad that they feared they might need to amputate his arm in order to stop the infection from spreading throughout his body to his vital organs and killing him.


Now while the false widow spider is venomous, it usually only causes a very mild reaction in humans. But suddenly discovering your allergic to spider bites can make things whole lot worse. It makes sense that if more spiders are around to bump into humans, that more humans will be bitten in general. With more people being bitten, that means more people that had never been bitten by a spider before will discover that they are allergic to those spider bites and have to get medical attention. Experts believe this is also a contributor to the increase in hospital visits, as the more people bitten will inevitably include more people that are also allergic but just don’t know it yet.


Watch out for mating spiders right now, and hope to God you are not allergic to their bite.


Have you ever been bitten by a spider? What happened to you? Do you know anyone that has had an allergic reaction to a spider bite?


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