Bed bug populations in this world are becoming larger and larger. Statistics show that one in five Americans have had a bed bug infestation in the past, or they know someone who has had bed bugs at some point. Although bed bugs are masters at adapting to new environments, some regions of the United States sees more bed bug infestations than other regions. Lately, the central Illinois region has been under attack from bed bugs from all sides. The bed bug epidemic in Illinois has caused pest control operators in the area to put in a bit of overtime. According to experts, the first bed bug to be spotted in Springfield occured in 2006. Now, twelve years later, twelve percent of home infestation complaints are caused by bed bugs. If this is the rate at which bed bugs proliferate, then it would be hard to imagine the bed bug issue after another twenty years has passed.


The bed bug may sound harmless, but it is a parasitic insect that feeds on blood, and anyone can become exposed to these vampiric insects. Bed bugs can easily infest your home as they are expert hitchhikers. Basically, bed bugs are like the hobos of the insect world. Pest control professionals all agree that bed bug infestations are easy to get. According to Dr. Douglas Carlson with St. John’s Children’s Hospital, more and more children are being diagnosed with bed bug-related injuries, such as bites, welts and rashes. Many medical workers are also claiming that bed bugs are being transported into emergency rooms more and more often. In some cases, bed bugs will spread around an entire hospital, leading to in-patient evacuations. Carlson also goes on to state that even medical workers will bring bed bugs in to hospitals on some occasions. All of this makes exterminations in hospitals a regular occurance. Luckily, bed bugs do not spread disease, but they sure are annoying.


If you found out that your doctor’s office had undergone bed bug removal treatments, would you consider finding another doctor?



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