Today people are capable of many things that past cynics would have dismissed as impossible. For example, soon self driving cars will become available on the market. You would think that in a world where people can purchase self driving cars, then a global issue like world hunger would also not exist anymore, but sadly this is not the case. It amazes people to learn that small minority populations still suffer from a lack of food and nourishment in the modern world. Luckily, it is more than possible to feed every living person on earth, but this newfound confidence concerning this issue does not involve any advanced technology; instead the impoverished people of the world can receive the nutrients they need from insects, which is what our prehistoric ancestors did. A non-profit charity group based in Colorado called Farms for Orphans (FFO) is working with officials in the Democratic Republic of Congo in order to provide the impoverished populace with sustainable insect food sources. The FFO is working to establish insect farms in the African country.


According to the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), insect farms bring a variety of benefits to a local population. For example, insect farms don’t require much land for insect cultivation. When compared to the raising of livestock, insect farming emits far less greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Also, when compared to traditional meat taken from livestock, insects possess far more micronutrients such as copper, magnesium, and zinc. The FFO is even going so far as to establish several insect farms in different communities within the DRC. Not only will these farms help provide food to needy people, but they will also provide decent paying jobs to impoverished citizens of the DRC. The idea to establish insect farms in the DRC originated with the FFO’s founder and president Amy Franklin.


Do you think that establishing insect farms in impoverished communities will become a successful trend in the future?


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