You would think that bed bugs would like to infest new and unexplored areas once in awhile. It has to be boring seeing the same old sites. If you spend a few months Google searching “bed bugs” you will find that bed bugs tend to infest particular types of buildings. This makes sense as some buildings see much more human traffic than other buildings. This increases the chances of someone transporting bed bugs to a particular public place. For example, bed bugs are often found to be infesting libraries, schools and airports. It seems reasonable that bed bugs would commonly infest such locations, after all, these three locations likely see more people in one day than, say, a restaurant would see in an entire year. Recently a library, airport and a school located in different regions of the US have struggled with bed bug issues.


In Duluth, Minnesota the Duluth Public Library has come under suspicion for having bed bugs. So far it does not seem like the library is infested with bed bugs yet as a staff member reportedly spotted only one single bed bug. Finding a lone bed bug within a building or home may seem improbable, but lone bed bugs are found in public locations frequently. In response to the troubling loner bed bug, city officials had the entire building inspected by licensed pest control professionals. Although no infestation was found, a treatment program in the library has begun.


A few hundred miles south of Duluth in Kansas City, Missouri, another bed bug issue was reported. This time the bed bugs were found in terminal B of the Kansas City Airport. The area was closed temporarily for pest control treatments, and now the area has been made a bed bug-free zone again. The Turlington Woods School in Suffolk, Virginia had parents of students notified about bed bugs that were found on a student’s belongings. In the letter the principal made it clear that bed bug control measures had already been put in place, and the situation would soon be resolved.


When you were growing up did your school ever become infested with bed bugs?


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