There has been a lot of news reports in the media lately that describe bed bug infestations that are occuring in places where people expect to be safe from bed bugs. It may seem ridiculous to complain about bed bug infestations since bed bugs can travel and survive in basically any type of environment. Despite how easily bed bugs travel, you probably expect your children’s school to be free of bed bugs, but lately there have been many reports of bed bugs showing up in schools. Most parents do not like the idea of sending their kids to school so that they might bring bed bugs home with them. However, if there is one place where you definitely do not want to tolerate a bed bug infestation, then it would be a hospital. Of course, several hospitals have also been in the news for being caught with bed bug infestations. Understandably, people are unsettled by the thought of picking up bed bugs in a hospital. As it turns out, finding bed bugs in a hospital is not a rare occurrence. In fact, a few days ago, yet another bed bug infestation within a hospital was reported. This time the infestation was found at Banner Health, which is a large hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. In this case, the victim of repeated bed bug attacks was a little girl.


On June 11th, a young patient’s family came to visit her in the hospital. Upon arriving to their daughter’s room, they noticed bed bugs crawling on her. The patient’s mother, Erin Ortega, promptly notified the staff, and the girl was reportedly moved to another room. However, the new room that the girl was transferred to also contained bed bugs. Bed bugs were found behind a recliner in the patient’s room and a dead one was clearly visible on a chair. Banner Health staff claimed that their patients safety and comfort are their highest priorities. Ortega is considering transferring her daughter to another hospital.


Have you ever spotted dead termites in public before? Have you ever reported a bed bug presence?