A few months back, several news stories concerning cockroach milk were released by several media outlets. The internet blew up with articles about how disgusting or how healthy cockroach milk is for humans. Some of you may have seen these stories, but few of you would have thought that cockroach milk would actually become available to consumers; after all, who would want to drink cockroach milk? The answer to this question seems to be “nobody”. Even a prominent researcher who studied the milk and found it to be safe and nutritious claimed that he would never drink the stuff. This blog even reported on the existence of cockroach milk a few months back, but now, several studies concerning the nutritional content of cockroach milk have been conducted. The scientific community has yet to reach a consensus concerning the safety of consuming cockroach milk. Despite this lack of agreement, several news stories are claiming that cockroach milk is now available for purchase, but is this claim true?


Men’s Health and many other sources have claimed that cockroach milk is not yet commercially available to consumers. Despite this, several news stories are claiming that a South African company called Gourmet Grubb is distributing cockroach milk to supermarkets within the country. The milk product is supposedly being called “EntoMilk”, and although this product does exist and is produced by Gourmet Grubb, a spokesperson with the company is claiming that EntoMilk does not contain cockroaches. Furthermore, the company also claims that they cannot produce cockroach milk for mass consumption since laboratory tests only yield small amounts of the substance. The EntoMilk product is actually made with soldier fly larvae, and not cockroach milk, so that is comforting. For the time being, the production of cockroach milk is impractical on a commercial level. So, for the moment, cockroach milk is not available for human consumption. However, there is a good chance that cockroach milk will become the next edible insect fad.


Do you think that cockroach milk will become available to consumers at some point in the future?