Your worst nightmare concerning cockroaches has recently come true in one small California town. Of course, this nightmare involves cockroaches accessing people’s homes through pipes and drains. Although cockroaches gravitate toward sewers, it is not exactly common to find cockroaches entering a home through the drain in a kitchen sink. However, this is what is happening in Elk Grove, California. Residents of this town believe that cockroaches are climbing up sewer pipes and into people’s homes as a result of the city’s effort to maintain sewers.


One particular neighborhood in Elk Grove is now a cockroach haven, and residents are blaming the infestations on nearby work on a local sewer line. One resident, Minh Le, gave a local news team a tour of his house in order to point out the great number of cockroaches that had been crawling around his property. Le claims to be an arachnophobe, but after discovering several cockroaches entering his home through storm drains and other pipes, he cannot stop thinking about the horror of cockroaches. Other neighbors told the local news team that they were sure the roach infestations were due to the nearby sewer maintenance. The Sacramento Area Sewer District commented on the situation by saying that they have received many phone calls about cockroaches. In response to the many questions that the district has received lately about roaches, they released a statement saying that cockroaches prefer sewer environments and their presence within pipes is more than possible. The district spokesperson also claimed that if a person complains about cockroaches coming from the sewer, a team is dispatched to the area in order to investigate the roach situation. A local pest control professional also stated that the current roach crisis had come as a result of the sewer work. However, he also mentioned that the high temperatures as being another factor responsible for driving roaches into people’s homes.


Would you call a pest control professional immediately upon discovering cockroaches coming from your drains?