The month of August sees the highest degree of wasp activity. Wasp attacks increase during the final stages of the summer season due to the fact that wasps have finished breeding and are no longer tending to their offspring. Basically, wasps in August have nothing to do except for sting people. Despite the increased amount of wasp activity during the month of August, people are not swayed from enjoying the last of the summer season’s warmest days. Picnic goers during the summer season may plant sugary foods in various locations in order to lure wasps away from their picnic area. However, according to Dr. Seirian Sumner from the University College of London, setting beer traps makes more sense than setting jam or jelly traps. This is due to the fact that wasps are more attracted to beer than they are to jelly.


Professional beekeepers, for example, set beer traps around their beehives in order to lure wasps away from the valuable bees. So if you insist on setting traps for wasps, make sure to use beer and not sugar-rich foods. However, all things considered, it is best not to leave traps for wasps at all, as they are more likely to lure wasps toward a picnic as opposed to away from a picnic.


People may be surprised to learn that wasps are not always attracted to sugar-rich foods. Toward the end of the summer season, when wasps no longer have to feed their young, sugar is the most appetizing substance to wasps. However, according to Dr. Sumner, for most of the summer season wasps are more attracted to meat than they are to sugar. This means that hiding your meat products during a picnic makes more sense than hiding sugar-rich food products if you are trying to prevent a wasp attack.


Avoiding the use of your arms and hands to swat wasps away is perhaps the most important piece of advice that Dr. Sumner can offer. Many people cannot help but to swat at nearby wasps while outdoors, but remaining still is the best course of action. By remaining still, a wasp is not likely to perceive you as a threat. Swatting at wasps, on the other hand, is a great way to sustain multiple stings if that is what you are looking for.


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