We all know that cockroaches are disgusting. These insects rummage through garbage and sewage just to pass the time. Dangerous forms of bacteria can then follow cockroaches everywhere they go, including the food we keep in our cupboards. Despite the excessively and continuously dirty state that cockroaches are in, researchers have found that roaches rarely cause human illness. In fact, one group of researchers believes that roaches can benefit human health. It is hard to imagine any scenario in which cockroaches benefit humans. The suggestion that roaches may be beneficial to human health would strike some people as laughable. Despite their reputation, there is evidence to suggest that cockroaches can be used in order to develop more effective methods of treating E. Coli and MRSA infections.

Simon Lee, a postgraduate researcher, has discovered nine different molecules in the tissues of roaches and locusts that are toxic to many forms of dangerous bacteria. These days some bacterial infections are becoming difficult to treat due to their resistance to existing antibiotic medications. Some people are even dying as a result of MRSA infections. These infections were treatable decades ago, but today entirely new forms of treatment need to be developed in order to keep MRSA infections at bay.

After Lee conducted several experiments with cockroaches he found that cockroach tissues were able to kill ninety percent of MRSA and E. coli bacteria. The tissues were able to kill dangerous forms of bacteria without harming human cells. At the moment it seems that these molecules could be used successfully to eradicate dangerous bacteria from humans. Not only can cockroach tissues be used to replace current antibiotic medications, but people can use these potential forms of medication in place of effective treatments that cause too many unwanted side effects.

Would you feel comfortable receiving medications that contain extracts from cockroaches