You Would Not Believe How Easily Tarantulas And Smaller Spiders Can Literally Explode Before Your Very Eyes

When a person decides that he/she is ready to own a pet, the choice usually comes down to either a dog or a cat. This makes sense considering that both dogs and cats possess a bit of personality, and they can learn to perform certain actions through conditioning. Simple communication is also possible between a human and their pet dog or cat, which can do a lot for relieving feelings of loneliness. However, a minority of people choose to own a tarantula, which is odd, considering the evolutionary distance between humans and arachnids. How can a person feel less lonely in the company of a seemingly emotionless tarantula? In addition to seeming as useful as an occasionally mobil paperweight, a pet tarantula can also pose a danger to its owner, as tarantulas possess venom-injecting fangs as well as painful urticating hairs that they can literally chuck into your face. Of course, there is also the added concern that a pet tarantula may explode. Yes, this can actually happen. So if people who suffer from arachnophobia have ever wondered if any sight can possibly be more horrifying than the sight of a hairy tarantula, then now they know that the sight of a hairy tarantula exploding is, indeed, more horrifying. Believe it or not, but even the bulkiest of tarantulas can break into pieces like a coffee mug upon being dropped onto the ground. And it’s not just tarantulas that can explode with a surprising amount of ease, it’s all spiders.

Dropping a tarantula onto the ground can cause its body to shatter in an explosive manner, and even a short fall of only a few inches can cause serious damage to a tarantula. A small fall can easily rupture a tarantula’s abdomen and shatter its exoskeleton. Other spiders can also explode. Researchers were surprised to find one of their jumping spider test subjects suddenly explode upon being inserted with a needle. Later on, the researchers learned that all spiders are filled with a pressurized liquid that enables them to move. If a spider’s head is punctured, this pressure will suddenly build up at the puncture site before consequently exploding. Considering that a spider’s body is basically like a pressurized air-tank, many things can cause a spider to explode. If you have ever burned a spider alive, then you should probably make piece with spiders since they are here to stay, but you may have noticed that it exploded in response to the extreme heat of the fire. Due to the mess that comes with burning unwanted spiders alive, the American Arachnological Society recommends freezing them. Placing spiders outside or flushing them down the toilet also works in case you don’t like the idea of collecting dead spiders in your freezer.

Have you ever inadvertently discovered how easily a spider can explode?