Bed Bugs Can Survive In Your Laptop And Other Electronics For More Than A Year Without Food

The name “bed bug” is both apt and misleading at the same time. Of course bed bugs are often found inhabiting people’s beds, as bed bugs prefer to dwell and reproduce within the folds of fabric, but bed bugs can literally survive anywhere, not just within fabrics. A bed bug’s ability to survive within just about any type of earthly environment is precisely why they are so great at spreading from location to location. In addition to being able to survive for long periods in unfavorable environments, bed bugs can also survive without food for an entire year. In fact, one bed bug survived for more than 400 days without food and within laboratory conditions. This information may already be known to many people, as bed bugs are in the news all of the time, but what will probably surprise most people is the fact that bed bugs can infest your laptop and other electronic devices.

Basically, the internal structure of any electronic device can be accessed by bed bugs provided that a small opening exists somewhere on the device. For example, bed bugs can easily infest laptops by squeezing through the keys on a keyboard. Also, bed bugs can survive in these small areas for an entire year without seeking food. So imagine throwing away all of the fabric materials in your home after discovering a bed bug infestation. In addition to tossing all of your fabric goods in the trash, you completely empty your house of all possessions. After having your empty home fumigated multiple times over the course of several months you return with nothing but your laptop. Unfortunately, in this scenario, you would not only bring the bed bugs right back into your home, but you would also have spread bed bugs to nearly every place you traveled with your laptop. This is why bed bug infestations are so hard to eradicate. Apple store employees claim that a bed bug infested laptop would have to be taken apart and cleared of all bed bugs and their eggs while also having one’s home, car and all possessions treated for bed bugs at the same time. While heat treatments are highly effective at eradicating bed bugs from certain areas, the required heat of 140 degrees would damage or completely destroy any brand of laptop. More often than not, a bed bug infestation within a laptop cannot be eradicated with certainty.

Have you ever found small insects crawling into your laptop through the keys on your keyboard?