If you are one of the many people who eagerly keeps up with all the latest bed bug related news stories, then you have probably noticed that bed bugs seem to be targeting a variety of municipal buildings. Of course, one of the most well known aspects of bed bug infestations is that they can occur virtually anywhere no matter the conditions. While this is true, it is a fact that some government buildings, such as courthouses, schools, and jails have become infested with bed bugs multiple times within a short period. Two jails have become infested with bed bugs on three separate occasions during the past month. One school became a bed bug haven twice in a matter of weeks, and a courthouse was recently evacuated after bed bugs were discovered in the building for a second time in two weeks. The above bed bug infestations, and many more, have been occuring in municipal buildings located in completely different parts of the country. While most people dread having to interact with government employees, especially at the DMV, bed bugs seem to eat it right up, literally.

Last week, several San Diego municipal buildings were found to be infested with bed bugs. Ironically, one of these buildings was the Agricultural Weights and Measures building, which is the government body tasked with providing pest control services for the county. More buildings in the county were found to be infested with bed bugs, but a government spokesperson refused to release details except that the infestations were caused by one government employee. On the other side of the country, in South Carolina, a courthouse became infested with bed bugs for a second time in just two weeks. The employees were evacuated so that pest control professionals could apply a stronger pesticide within the building. In Oklahoma, public schools are becoming infested with bed bugs at an alarming rate. The latest infestation was discovered within a Drumright school. This is the second infestation to affect the school, which prompted officials to cancel classes until the infestation is eradicated with certainty. Also in South Carolina, a York County jail has become infested with bed bugs for the third time in just three weeks. In addition to these government buildings, public libraries have also been hit hard with bed bug infestations in recent months, but considering the degree of human traffic in libraries, this is not necessarily shocking. However, the repeat infestations that have occurred within other government buildings remains inexplicable.

After reading this article, do you worry about acquiring bed bugs from municipal buildings?