While a small number of people may keep a well-groomed rat as a pet, it goes without saying that rats are not the most endearing of animals. The widespread disgust felt toward rats is largely due to their filthiness and their ability to spread diseases through both direct and indirect means. Rats and mice are capable of spreading 35 different diseases to humans and this is exactly why one pregnant mother, Brittney Duncan, has been pleading with the owners of her apartment building to have the excessive rat infestation within her unit professionally eradicated. Unfortunately, Duncan and her young son have had no choice but to tolerate the infestation, as the apartment management’s remedies have failed to keep rats and mice from entering their home.

The rats and mice infesting Duncan’s apartment unit are so numerous that she has managed to kill somewhere in between 30 and 40 of the rodents within a short period of time and without seeking them out. Duncan claims that she routinely discovers rats when moving appliances and cupboards. Not long ago, Duncan’s young son claimed to have found a “baby lizard” on the floor in his room. Upon inspecting his room, Duncan learned that the lizard was actually a “whole rat with blood” and it appeared to be moving. Since this disturbing incident, her son has not been able to sleep within his room, and nearly every night he races to his mother’s bedroom in tears after waking up to the disturbing sound of rodents squeaking behind his bedroom walls. Duncan is most concerned with both her and her son’s health, as acquiring a disease from contact with rats or their feces, urine, or saliva is a distinct possibility considering her situation. Duncan is also concerned about the health of her unborn baby.

Duncan lives in Whitcomb Court apartments, which is owned by the Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority. A spokesperson for the RRHA claims that pest control professionals have placed sticky-traps within her unit several times. Not surprisingly, this paltry effort to eradicate the infestation has not helped. An official with the Richmond Health Department claims that homes are professionally inspected after receiving complaints like Duncan’s, and if health hazards are present, then a citation is issued to the property owner.

Have you ever experienced a rodent infestation that was particularly hard to eradicate from a home?