Cockroaches are well known for their durability and seemingly death-defying superpowers. Anybody who has ever found themselves in astonishment after emptying half a can of bug spray on a cockroach that remained living can attest to the insect’s miraculous survival abilities. Even experts have admitted that cockroaches could potentially survive a nuclear explosion, which is commonly considered to be a dubious claim. While cockroaches may be one of the most durable group of insects in the world, they still cannot get past wasps. A wasp’s ability to literally tear a cockroach apart may soon be a matter of common knowledge, as a popular Youtube video recently surfaced that shows a wasp decapitating a cockroach. What makes this video interesting and worth a vie is the fact that the battle between the two insects took place on a man’s dinner table.

A couple of weeks ago a 20 year old man, Cyrill Fomm, returned to his apartment in Konstanz, Germany to find a wasp and a cockroach battling it out on his dinner table. Although the cockroach was the bigger of the two insects, the wasp emerged victorious. The cockroach did not get off to a good start, as the video shows the wasp attacking the roach while it was lying on its back and frantically flailing its legs in the air. The video footage captured by Fromm shows the wasp ripping off one of the roach’s legs before moving onto its head. The wasp finally ended the struggle by forcefully decapitating the cockroach. While the wasp proceeded to fly away with its new cockroach head, the defeated body of roach continued to squirm and move about despite no longer having a head. The amount of stings that the roach had sustained during the fight cannot be determined with certainty, but there is no denying that the roach put up a good fight. The video can still be found on Youtube for those who have always wanted to view a fight between two insects up close.

Have you ever stumbled upon two different types of insects battling it out within your home?