Although cockroaches are among the most repellent of all insects, they possess impressive abilities. Cockroaches can survive the most traumatic of injuries, and their speed allows them to outrun people chasing after them with bug spray. Cockroaches have inhabited earth for a very long time. No other insect species has an evolutionary history that reaches back three hundred and sixty million years into the past. Not only were insects a rarity on earth when the first cockroaches appeared, but roaches also predate dinosaurs by one hundred million years. This means that cockroaches have lived through it all. Cockroaches managed to survive a multitude of different climatic conditions and they have encountered every insect predator that nature has produced. So it makes sense that cockroaches can escape a mere human armed with bug-spray. In fact, roaches do not seem to mind cohabitating with humans at all, as they have adapted to human environments over the course of their evolutionary development. It is not unusual to find cockroaches in a home, but it seems that cockroaches prefer to dwell in the most inconvenient areas of a home. Since cockroaches are attracted to moist conditions, they set up camp in kitchens and bathrooms. Cockroaches will often emerge out of drains, such as shower drains, sink drains, basement drains, and any drain that leads to the sewer. So how do cockroaches reach these drains?


Many restaurant workers have noticed cockroaches climbing into a kitchen via the water-drain. Some people have seen the very same thing within their homes. This sight often perplexes onlookers who cannot understand where the invading roach came from. As hard as it may be to believe, sewer-dwelling cockroaches can invade structures through drains. Traveling from a sewer through intricate pipes in order to eventually reach a drain at ground level seems impossible, and it might be for other insects, but the cockroach has adapted to withstand these harsh conditions. This journey makes cockroaches dangerous to humans, as they are covered in fecal matter and other disease-causing bacteria. If these roaches make contact with food, then contracting a foodborne illness is likely. If you ever spot a roach entering your home through a drain, then the services of a pest control professional are required in order to ensure a safe environment for your home’s inhabitants?


Do you believe that any other type of insect could access people’s homes through drain networks? Have you ever witnessed a roach emerging from a drain?


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