Bed bug issues are getting worse every day and in every populated region of the world. These blood-sucking creatures are relentless and they are one of the most difficult insects to eradicate. This is especially true now that researchers have identified a new strain of bed bugs that seem immune to the deadly effects of even the most advanced insecticides. Unfortunately, this new strain of bed bug is particularly common in the United States. Because of this new bed bug strain, infestation reports are increasing at a more rapid rate than usual in the United States. Just about every populated city in the country is reporting a surge in bed bug infestations, but one particular city has somehow managed to decrease its bed bug related issues against all odds. Considering Seattleā€™s large population, it should not be surprising to anyone that bed bug infestations are particularly problematic in the city. However, Seattle has fallen from the 13th most bed bug infested city to the 39th most infested city. This enormous drop is unprecedented and bed bug researchers want to know how the people of Seattle are pulling this seemingly impossible feat off.

Back in 2014, Seattle was considered one of the most bed bug infested cities in the United States, as they ranked 13th on the list of most bed bug infested cities. But every year since then, bed bug infestations have decreased substantially and now the city ranks as the 39th most infested city in America. This feat is notable considering that these rankings typically stay the same with each passing year. For example, for the past several years, the city of Baltimore has ranked number one as the most infested city. Baltimore is followed by Washington DC, Chicago, Los Angeles and Columbus, Ohio. Bed bugs are notable for their rapid population growth, as one female can lay as many as 500 eggs within one single year.

Do you think that the people of Seattle are more diligent about checking for bed bugs in hotels and other locations where the insects are commonly found?