It is hard to imagine anyone being pleased to discover a spider within their home, but some people are fascinated by the eight-legged creatures. However, no matter how much of a diehard arachnid enthusiast one may be, discovering a spider infestation within a home is never good news, especially when the spiders are of the venomous type. But how about a spider infestation consisting of multiple species, each one of which is venomous? While such a uniquely terrible spider infestation rarely occurs within a home, one family from Utah did, in fact, fall victim to a spider infestation consisting of the most dangerous arachnids that exist within the United States. Amazingly, this story gets even more nightmarish, as the family not only had an infestation of multiple dangerous spider species, but each species had been reproducing in great numbers below the deck of their new home. Numerous spider egg-sacs were found below the deck, and it quickly became clear that many of the spiderlings were gaining entrance into the house.

During the summer of 2015, Tami Savage and her family excitedly moved into their newly bought home, but they had not been made aware of the venomous community of spider species that had clearly been thriving below their deck for a very long time. Perhaps the previous owners were not aware of the infestation either, but considering how abundant the spiders were at all times on and around the deck, this scenario is doubtful.

Tami became brave in the face of her infestation by smashing a few egg-sacs, which resulted in hundreds of baby spiders frantically emerging from the nest before scurrying away where they could not be seen. It did not take long before Tami realized that the spider presence below her deck was too thick for her to eradicate on her own, so she recruited her husband and son for help. The spiders that were below her deck consisted of wolf spiders, grass spiders, black widow spiders and hobo spiders. Hobo spiders are notorious for inflicting bites that lead to tissue necrosis at the site of the wound, but these cases are rare. Black widow spiders possess venom that often induces flu-like symptoms and their bites usually require medical attention. Wolf spiders have also been implicated in tissue necrosis resulting from their bites, but this has yet to be scientifically substantiated. The Grass spider is the one spider below Tami’s deck that is completely harmless, but their large body size would give most people quite a scare.

Have you ever found a spider egg-sac in or near your home?