I imagine being arrested is pretty unpleasant on its own, but I’m certain adding a car full of cockroaches to the mix would make the experience downright torturous. Luckily for any criminals in Lawrence, the policemen driving the infested cruiser noticed the presence of their new insect guests before they accidentally added another human to the party.

When two policemen in Lawrence were driving their police cruiser around while on duty, what started out as a normal day turned into a nightmare. As they were making their normal rounds, the officers noticed something, or rather a few somethings, crawling around the back of their car. It turned out to be cockroaches. In fact, two police vehicle were infested with cockroaches and had to be treated for the infestations before they were released back into service. The police have no idea where the cockroaches came from, as they could have hopped a ride on some clothing, a package, or something another person was carrying with them while riding in the vehicle. The police, as you probably already know, transport a lot of different people around in those vehicles, so the pests could have come from anywhere.

De-licing cruisers is a pretty common practice, considering a person carrying lice could easily infest the vehicles and then innumerable other people that ride in the vehicle after them. Whether a person has poor personal hygiene or not, lice don’t judge, so pretty much everyone gets lice at some point in their lives, making it highly likely that these cruisers see plenty of people that are infested with lice while in they are in use. This doesn’t always mean there is a sanitation issue. Cockroaches on the other hand, aren’t as common, and tend to infest areas that are unsanitary, as those areas usually contain the garbage and leftover food waste required for their sustenance and continued presence. So, I can see one or two cockroaches making their way into a police vehicle, but how did it get so bad that it turned into a full-blown infestation? Lawrence police Chief John Romero admitted this was the first time he’s ever had to de-roach a police vehicle.

Have you ever noticed a cockroach crawling around inside your own or someone else’s vehicle?