Bed bugs are a problem worldwide, but they are especially problematic in the northeast due to the region’s dense population which makes it easy for bed bugs to spread from person to person. Nearly two weeks ago, a bed bug infestation emerged in the community room at Florence’s Forsander Apartments, prompting the Northampton Housing Authority to order the closing of the apartment’s community room.

Bed bug infestations have been an issue within Forsander Apartments for the past five months, so it is not a surprise to learn that the apartment’s community room has become infested, as each resident of the complex can use the room for a variety of reasons, most notably for free internet access. An infestation in the shared community room can quickly lead to infestations within numerous apartment units, as the room is frequently used by a number of tenants. It is for this reason that the housing authority took steps to officially close the room until the infestation can be eradicated.

The president of the tenants association at Forsander Apartments claims that the housing authority has kept tenants in the dark concerning the apartment’s ongoing bed bug issues. The president believes that the housing authority should educate tenants at the building about how to prevent and treat bed bug infestations, especially since the many infestations have been causing social unrest among tenants. The executive director of the Northampton Housing Authority finally held a meeting with tenants and apartment staff in an effort to “end the hysteria” concerning the numerous infestations. Methods of preventing and treating bed bug infestations were discussed at the meeting, but many residents still insisted that the housing authority took too long to provide this information. Pest control professionals also spoke at the meeting before treating the community room as well as several apartment units.

Have you ever lived in an apartment building that saw numerous bed bug infestations