Cockroaches are one of the most abundant insect groups on the planet, as there exists at least 4,500 documented species, most of which dwell permanently within their native tropical environments. Of course, some cockroach species are particularly well adapted to a number of different environments and climatic conditions, and these species are the ones that most Americans consider “pests”. In the United States, there exists around 30 cockroach pest species, many of which are not native to the country. The most significant cockroach species that pest controllers encounter in Massachusetts include the American cockroach, the German cockroach and the Oriental cockroach, but many other species can also establish a nuisance and filthy presence within homes and businesses in the state. Not long ago, an investigative report that aired nationally uncovered the roach-contaminated conditions at certain food courts within three of America’s most beloved malls. Unfortunately for Massachusetts residents, one of these food courts was located within Faneuil Hall in Boston. As it turns out, there is good reason as to why food courts are more vulnerable to cockroach infestations than restaurants.

For three months, investigative journalists reviewed hundreds of inspection reports that had been filed on the several eateries within Faneuil Hall. According to a food safety expert, Cindy Rice, food courts are more apt to become infested with roaches and other pests than typical neighborhood restaurants because workplace conditions are more cramped and food volume is relatively massive. Some eateries located within food courts are too busy with customers to pay attention to developing insect pest infestations. Megumi of Japan, located in Boston’s Faneuil Hall, is one eatery that has been cited multiple times for pest violations. In fact, this is the very same restaurant where Today Show news reporters captured footage of a cockroach walking near a grill one year prior to the investigation. Rice also goes onto claim that if one single roach is spotted in an eatery kitchen during the day, then you can be sure that thousands more are present behind the walls.

Have you ever noticed any insect pests where food was served?