An Infestation Of Tiny Fungus And Plaster Beetles Often Indicates That The Infested Home Has A Moisture Problem, And Possibly Mold Growth

Many people have found groups of tiny black-shelled bugs crawling about within certain areas of their home. These insects are often black, but it is not uncommon to find others that are reddish-brown or yellowish-brown in color. Some residents may have noticed that these insects tend to gather toward damp areas of a home, and they look very much like the tiny beetles that are found grouped together on wet dirt beneath stones and plant-matter.

Naturally, the presence of these insects within indoor locations can be puzzling to residents, as it is hard to imagine what could possibly have attracted the insects indoors. While these insects are commonly spotted outdoors, they are also among the most common types of insect house pests. These insects are, in fact, tiny beetles, and they are commonly referred to as either fungus beetles or plaster beetles. These terms are used to refer to numerous beetle species from a variety of different families. These beetles gather toward moist and wet conditions within homes, which may indicate that a home has a moisture problem, such as a plumbing leak. An indoor presence of these beetles may also serve as in indication that a home has, or will have, a mold problem.

Fungus beetles are aptly named for their habit of feeding on fungus, including household mold. The name “plaster beetle” originates from this beetle group’s tendency to feed on moist and wet plaster. In many cases, the indoor presence of these beetles is minimal, but in others, the tiny beetles can become a nuisance within homes. Eliminating moisture from a home is both sufficient and necessary in order to eliminate an infestation.

Fungus beetles may also congregate onto rotten food sources within a home, and moldy grain can attract numerous species of fungus beetles. Fungus beetles can infest homes all year round, but they are most common in homes during the summer months. In cases when large amounts of fungus beetles are found indoors, inspecting a home for mold may be wise.

Have you ever found fungus and/or plaster beetles within your home?