Cockroaches are a major nuisance pest and are well adapted to living near and with humans. Their legendary hardiness can make them one of the most difficult house pests to control, in addition to the specialized knowledge and time it can involve. Cockroaches are a source of allergens, and can trigger asthma in those humans living with them. In addition to this, they carry other pathogens which they can pass on to humans, although no specific disease outbreak can be linked to them. Either way, most humans don’t like having them infest their homes. Here are four methods for controlling the cockroach pests that may be in your home.

The first management strategy for dealing with cockroaches is prevention. This involves taking measures to prevent any kind of infestation in the first place. This involves sealing openings on the exterior of your home that cockroaches could use to enter the building, including any cracks or crevices that may be found in kitchens, exterior doors and walls, bathrooms, and windows. Structural modifications such as pipe collars and weather stripping may be necessary, and items being brought into the home should be inspected thoroughly for any hitchhikers.

The second strategy for managing cockroach pests is sanitation, which involves denying cockroaches the food, water, and shelter they need to inhabit your house. This includes routinely cleaning your stove, furniture, under the refrigerator, and other similar areas, as well as washing dirty dishes in a timely manner and quickly cleaning any bits of food on your floor or shelves. If you have pets, make sure to store their food in tight containers and not leave any leftovers in their bowls overnight. You can deny them access to water by fixing and leaking drains, plumbing, and sink traps. You can eliminate sources of shelter keeping your home free of clutter such as papers and dirty clothing or rags.

Trapping is the third strategy. This involves the use of commercially available cockroach traps, which can be used to capture roaches in addition to serving as a good monitoring device. The most effective way to place traps is vertically on surfaces located in corners as well as underneath sinks, and inside cabinets, drains, and basements. The last strategy for controlling roach pests is using some kind of chemical control. If you need to resort to using chemicals to handle roaches inside your home, this generally implies that the first three strategies were incorrectly applied and that a professional is now needed. Many insecticides are available commercially as well as the help of a pest control professional if you feel the need.

How do you generally control cockroach pests in your home?